Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

     I am thankful for God created us. Thankful for His love. Thanks specially for forgiveness I have in Christ. Which gives me eternal hope and chance to rise up and say I will sin no more. I will draw closer to God again. I have failed Him everyday but I have got up everytime and never found Him loving me less. Time and again He told me that you cannot do this in your strength don't try to run away from sin in your strength just trust me and draw closer to me. I am thankful for the Cross on which my savior paid the ransom for my sins. Where Father forgave me and cleansed me with the precious blood of Christ.
I am thankful for the peace I have because of Prince of peace. That my soul is in rest in Him. That I am always confident and courageous under His wings. Thankful for I am free from sin and slave to no one.Thankful for God is the provider and I don't have to worry about anything. Thankful because His plans are greater than my. Thankful for meaning and purpose bigger than me. Thankful for His grace, love and fellowship. Thankful for my Church and leaders who are committed to help me and to guide me. Thankful for wonderful friends who are always fighting with me, loving me and making my days memorable everyday. Thankful for the small happiness I get from drawing, playing, chatting, cycling and working and writing. Thankful for all the love, mercy and grace that you shower on us.What are you thankful for.

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