Wednesday, February 6, 2013

About the title and the begining....

As I write this I believe I must began to write from the beginning of this journey which means the year 2010 when I started going to Church and started believing in Jesus slowly. This below is my journal entry of 3rd April 2010.(Kindly ignore the grammar and spelling mistakes and also if some theological errors because I am trying to copy exactly what I wrote then, and also this can be very raw and sometime will not make sense but bear with me it’s just the beginning, when I read this now I feel like it’s a letter written by small kid to God. Hope you will enjoy this..)

Title: The Journey of Faith: In search of GOD, Truth and Way of living
My title speaks about a beginning of my journey towards God, the Almighty. Till now I didn’t have motto or we can say a purpose behind my life. Now the journey will decide where to go.
I have faith on my Father (God) that he will definitely help me to show the path to Him.
Love is the only most precious thing I know. And that’s the grace of God that He sent his Son on earth no for any other reason but for love which he have for his children. I never knew things properly it is always like a dream happening around us most of the things happening around us hardly matters to us because we are very selfish.
But not my Father (God) he always knows everyone and he is there for everyone isn’t it wonderful.
I thank God for being so good to us.
Pray, how to pray I don’t know may be God will teach me. One thing that I know my journey towards God, towards the truth and that’s what I can call as the way of life to live. God just loves us for anything and everything even when we are bad or good; He loves us. I cry to God: “Father! Oh! Father I want to be loved by everyone; teach me how to love everyone and be happy knowing the fact nobody loves you. How to be source of love? One who never asks anything in return of it?
Jesus Christ came on earth lived a life of a human being he loved everyone he met everyone, he shared good news with everyone he met. And in return demanded nothing, not only this he was nailed on the Cross just because of our selfish world. I want to be as lovable as you God.

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