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So you want to know about the traveler. Hmmm! Here the traveler is an ordinary man with an extraordinary God. Who is journeying towards God his destination is Christ. He is an adventure seeker, he is a wanderer, he is a philosopher looking for meaning, reasoning anything and everything trying to make sense of whatever he sees and come across. He is changing his roles because as he is moving in this journey he is learning great lessons at different stops of his life. He is thrilled to meet every new adventure in his ways. He was a wanderer before in past and present(Though with a difference). He is a philosopher because he loves to learn and to reason. He love to learn new things and gather some knowledge in depth so a researcher(Not doing PhD on anything). He is a kid who want to grow up and want to find out all the “Whys” of the life. In most simple words he is a believer who want to know God deeply. So this is his journey a roller coaster ride towards God. We all are travelling but not everyone knows where? Many have believed to live in illusion, yet other are busy in finding out where. The traveler deny to live an ordinary life he is committed to make a difference. He is strong and courageous to make a stand. But again he is a simple follower, to whom Jesus said "Follow me" and the journey began. Its a journey of lost son towards his Father.As we travel together you will get to know more about the traveler.

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