Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Map for the journey: The Bible....

As you know we are on journey. But have you ever wondered how good it would have been if we have the map to reach there but we do have the map and interesting thing is we have the person present to guide us, to help us to interpret the map and take us and show us in right way.
Oh! you might know the map its the Bible.Yes, Bible which you might have noticed I quote most often in my posts for example in my tagline itself there are reference to Bible. So it was important for me to share with you guys and I couldnt come up with any better idea of writing the article on this after reading it on gotquestions.org so I simply copied it from there.

What is the Bible?
The word “Bible” comes from the Latin and Greek words meaning “book,” a fitting name, since the Bible is the book for all people, for all time. It’s a book like no other, in a class by itself.

Sixty-six different books comprise the Bible. They include books of law, such as Leviticus and Deuteronomy; historical books, such as Ezra and Acts; books of poetry, such as Psalms and Ecclesiastes; books of prophecy, such as Isaiah and Revelation; biographies, such as Matthew and John; and epistles (formal letters) such as Titus and Hebrews.

What is the Bible? - The Authors
About 40 different human authors contributed to the Bible, which was written over a period of about 1500 years. The authors were kings, fishermen, priests, government officials, farmers, shepherds, and doctors. From all this diversity comes an incredible unity, with common themes woven throughout.

The Bible’s unity is due to the fact that, ultimately, it has one Author—God Himself. The Bible is “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). The human authors wrote exactly what God wanted them to write, and the result was the perfect and holy Word of God (Psalm 12:6;2 Peter 1:21).

What is the Bible? - The Divisions
The Bible is divided into two main parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. In short, the Old Testament is the story of a nation, and the New Testament is the story of a Man. The nation was God’s way of bringing the Man—Jesus Christ—into the world.

The Old Testament describes the founding and preservation of the nation of Israel. God promised to use Israel to bless the whole world (Genesis 12:2-3). Once Israel was established as a nation, God raised up a family within that nation through whom the blessing would come: the family of David (Psalm 89:3-4). Then, from the family of David was promised one Man who would bring the promised blessing (Isaiah 11:1-10).

The New Testament details the coming of that promised Man. His name was Jesus, and He fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament as He lived a perfect life, died to become the Savior, and rose from the dead.

What is the Bible? - The Central Character
Jesus is the central character in the Bible—the whole book is really about Him. The Old Testament predicts His coming and sets the stage for His entrance into the world. The New Testament describes His coming and His work to bring salvation to our sinful world.

Jesus is more than a historical figure; in fact, He is more than a man. He is God in the flesh, and His coming was the most important event in the history of the world. God Himself became a man in order to give us a clear, understandable picture of who He is. What is God like? He is like Jesus; Jesus is God in human form (John 1:14,14:9).

Read more:http://www.gotquestions.org/what-is-the-Bible.html (On this website you can find many other important questions answered, and you can ask questions)

If you are interested in reading the Bible there are many online websites which gives provision to read it online(links given below) , however you can also get PDFs and you can also purchase a copy or maybe if you stay in Gurgaon you can meet me I can hand you some copies of New Testament. Also if interested in going church please comment here.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Prayer a privilege

On second Friday of every month our Church have fasting and prayer together as community and this Friday we all gathered at K-22 our Church office and unfortunately I missed the worship part as I reached late but yet was fortunate to sing few of them.

Though I am a sinner and I was feeling very low and the day was not really great as I did something wrong. But then while entering the House of prayer, I simply prayed a small prayer to Daddy God saying “I am come to you just as I am; accept my worship and my praise”. It is really humbling to know that once there was an era in which the priest has to be holy to come in presence of God but now that Jesus paid for sins and made God accessible through Him, and promised us that “ For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them."Matthew 18:20 His name is Immanuel, meaning “God is with us” (Isaiah 7:14).
Think is it not more than a privilege to serve the living God, to come in His presence just as we are. When I was praying there, I was moved in my Spirit, though personally praying is a struggle for me but then when I was praying it occurred to me that day and night our brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for each other, for God’s kingdom to come, for gospel to be preached. You know what is the best part of following a living God, you are sure that God is listening every single word of yours and not only that let me tell you He is very happy to see you praying, praying is such a privilege thing perhaps the only thing we can do without ceasing. Even the most new member, most weak member can seek God’s face just by prayer. Great and mighty things happen just by prayers. Miracles, healing, breaking of bondages, holiness, confession, praise and thanksgiving all happens through small act of prayer. Jesus himself taught us to pray and also set an example before us as He took time out in midst all the business and just spend time with God to pray.
Another thought came to me that today if I am saved, I have the Word of God to read, that Christianity is amongst us, it was definitely by prayers of so many of other Christians who sent missionaries out, who took the pain to write the Bible in local language and I am sure a lot of prayer was involved in same and Holy Spirit have helped all those people and brought revolution in our country and now we have Bible easily accessible the Word of God. And thus I remembered “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” Matthew 7:12 Think of it should we not pray for the unprivileged who have not heard the gospel, the lost, languages in which the Bible is not translated. All those who are suffering from injustice and depression, should we not pray and act for Justice and peace in nations. If we are ambassadors of Christ I think we are under command to pray for one another and to believe God is listening.
One last thought why I see prayer as privilege. God is sovereign over all things He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is omnipotent, One who created the Heavens and the Earth (Genesis 1:1). He is the owner, sustainer and redeemer of everything visible and invisible. And His hand is not short to do anything, as he is all powerful. Yet God is mysterious person and very gentle and His ways are higher than ours and we cannot understand His plans and He is willing to use us for His plan. That for me is greatest purpose to be part of His plan. And He have allowed us to chose us not only to be His sons but to join in His family business of redeeming the world inaugurated by His Son Jesus Christ, will you be the part of this business.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Half a decade: Part three new dawn by working for Wipro and Uninor

{I hope you read the previous two parts if not please read first and second.}

So from Aegis call center and then to sleeping zombie era in Sahara was the most difficult period to switch from night shift to other. And this time it was an IT company my dream job or career at least at that time. In previous two posts you saw Paras' photo and must be wondering why I chose to put his photos and why does I keep mentioning about him, its because I believe he played a very vital role in my career and perhaps I can say he is one of the reason for which I am here in Gurgaon today and therefore no matter what happens he remains my best friend and I shall not forgot him and his help.
Left to right:Sudhir,Sushant,Gautam(hiding behind me),Nakib,
And its also important to mention about him because he found out about this company and also pushed me to switch to this job because whenever I am working in a company, I think to myself “Jab tak dhake marke nikal nahi dete, ya company ke pas koi kam nahi ho tab tak job nahi chodenge” (Meaning: We will not leave the job unless they throw us out or they don't have any work) So with that attitude and plus when you are in a zombie mode your brain don't seem to work. Imagine the life without sunlight and without plants and you see is the dark night only in night while going to office. Oh! I tell you, you don't see anything else.
But he pushed me to go beyond my boundaries and no matter how scared I was, we decided to visit Wipro(Uninor as client, pilot project again) So here I went to give interview for a position Technical support executive, expecting a lot to learn about IT. But then I did learn a lot of thing after all my first IT company. I never thought or felt that I will get this job but you know what after coming to Gurgaon in 2008 I have appeared for interview four times and you know what by God's grace I was selected in all four and asked to joined immediately and therefore unfortunately and unwillingly I have to leave the company without serving the notice period but I learned my lessons. In telling you all this I must remind myself I have been a handicapped education wise as I am not yet a graduate( those who are thinking to give me advice, I should mention I am pursuing it by correspondence).
fake engineer
And being said that funny thing that I remember about giving interview here was, when I came here to give interview I though I dont think I would be selected and I was the first in the group that day to give interview and PJ was last person, so I was there from the beginning till end and I saw how highly educated and professional people were giving interview with us. I thought this is the last time I am coming here. I must do something, I must get something out if it. So there was a Cafe coffee day machine(
Please dont think I am villager but actually I saw that machine for first time) and I thought to myself “Coffee!! it is” and when forward to grab a cup of coffee. Now been a first time user of that machine I didnt knew how coffee is named and what are they actually. So I had options listed “Espresso”, “Latte”, “Cappuccino”,”Milk” so here I go and thinking what could be the best. So lets try the “E” one. And here I am coming back with a big smile with a cup of espresso though I see it looks like black tea and I am wondering maybe this is the way big people in city drink coffee(kyunki hum to brown wali nescafe hi peete hai). And I was quite happy and it smelled good I was perhaps having a pure roasted coffee for the first time, the aroma was so good but as soon as I tasted it my tongue burned and it tasted so bitter and my face become very pale. And I am feeling so bad neither can I throw it nor can I drink it because its very bitter but then I waited for long let it cool down and had in one sip. Trust me it was really embarrassing.
RamaShankar Dora and me
But coming back to the point I joined this company and it has been one of the memorable place to work for. The exposure with this company was really great. Working with two giants with IT giant Wipro and the new telecom entry Uninor was really something I was experiencing. The workflow the process and SOPs and everything we did from scratch was really great. Chasing teams, learning new things everyday, making SOPs and you name it and we did it. Whether it was answering calls or replying mails I did everything in a fun way. Now when I look back I understand that I should have learned more than I did. But to be honest here the people who were managing us were not good and didn't take good care of us and thus we were all frustrated. Salary increment and growth was not visible. We were working really very hard and there was no one to appreciate it.
Left to right: Taskeen,PJ,me & Gautam
Here I made lot of good friends like Sudhir Kukreti, Gautam, Rama Shankar Dora, Taskeen, Nakib, Bhagwant, Abhishek, Virendera, Nupur, Pankaj, Amit, Sudhir, Vishal, Paras of course how can I not mention him this is the second time we are working here. And by now I have matured in work and with our friendship that now people don't understand Paras and they complained to me that he is not doing this or that and I have to sit and explain Paras and same with him. He is my mentor and so am I for him. I think I can write books on our friendship as I can see over the time how we have learnt a lot from each other. Here it was fun to work in rotational shifts and with such a great and variety of people. You get so much to play with and learn and work. It was a fun and frolic environment we made it. It was lively and jolly environment to work with. I have many memories attached to it. Some good and some bad. Most wonderful memory of working in this organisation is that it was here in this organisation when I gave my life to Christ. Which changed all things in my life which brought new life. You can read the story here.

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