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Half a decade: Part three new dawn by working for Wipro and Uninor

{I hope you read the previous two parts if not please read first and second.}

So from Aegis call center and then to sleeping zombie era in Sahara was the most difficult period to switch from night shift to other. And this time it was an IT company my dream job or career at least at that time. In previous two posts you saw Paras' photo and must be wondering why I chose to put his photos and why does I keep mentioning about him, its because I believe he played a very vital role in my career and perhaps I can say he is one of the reason for which I am here in Gurgaon today and therefore no matter what happens he remains my best friend and I shall not forgot him and his help.
Left to right:Sudhir,Sushant,Gautam(hiding behind me),Nakib,
And its also important to mention about him because he found out about this company and also pushed me to switch to this job because whenever I am working in a company, I think to myself “Jab tak dhake marke nikal nahi dete, ya company ke pas koi kam nahi ho tab tak job nahi chodenge” (Meaning: We will not leave the job unless they throw us out or they don't have any work) So with that attitude and plus when you are in a zombie mode your brain don't seem to work. Imagine the life without sunlight and without plants and you see is the dark night only in night while going to office. Oh! I tell you, you don't see anything else.
But he pushed me to go beyond my boundaries and no matter how scared I was, we decided to visit Wipro(Uninor as client, pilot project again) So here I went to give interview for a position Technical support executive, expecting a lot to learn about IT. But then I did learn a lot of thing after all my first IT company. I never thought or felt that I will get this job but you know what after coming to Gurgaon in 2008 I have appeared for interview four times and you know what by God's grace I was selected in all four and asked to joined immediately and therefore unfortunately and unwillingly I have to leave the company without serving the notice period but I learned my lessons. In telling you all this I must remind myself I have been a handicapped education wise as I am not yet a graduate( those who are thinking to give me advice, I should mention I am pursuing it by correspondence).
fake engineer
And being said that funny thing that I remember about giving interview here was, when I came here to give interview I though I dont think I would be selected and I was the first in the group that day to give interview and PJ was last person, so I was there from the beginning till end and I saw how highly educated and professional people were giving interview with us. I thought this is the last time I am coming here. I must do something, I must get something out if it. So there was a Cafe coffee day machine(
Please dont think I am villager but actually I saw that machine for first time) and I thought to myself “Coffee!! it is” and when forward to grab a cup of coffee. Now been a first time user of that machine I didnt knew how coffee is named and what are they actually. So I had options listed “Espresso”, “Latte”, “Cappuccino”,”Milk” so here I go and thinking what could be the best. So lets try the “E” one. And here I am coming back with a big smile with a cup of espresso though I see it looks like black tea and I am wondering maybe this is the way big people in city drink coffee(kyunki hum to brown wali nescafe hi peete hai). And I was quite happy and it smelled good I was perhaps having a pure roasted coffee for the first time, the aroma was so good but as soon as I tasted it my tongue burned and it tasted so bitter and my face become very pale. And I am feeling so bad neither can I throw it nor can I drink it because its very bitter but then I waited for long let it cool down and had in one sip. Trust me it was really embarrassing.
RamaShankar Dora and me
But coming back to the point I joined this company and it has been one of the memorable place to work for. The exposure with this company was really great. Working with two giants with IT giant Wipro and the new telecom entry Uninor was really something I was experiencing. The workflow the process and SOPs and everything we did from scratch was really great. Chasing teams, learning new things everyday, making SOPs and you name it and we did it. Whether it was answering calls or replying mails I did everything in a fun way. Now when I look back I understand that I should have learned more than I did. But to be honest here the people who were managing us were not good and didn't take good care of us and thus we were all frustrated. Salary increment and growth was not visible. We were working really very hard and there was no one to appreciate it.
Left to right: Taskeen,PJ,me & Gautam
Here I made lot of good friends like Sudhir Kukreti, Gautam, Rama Shankar Dora, Taskeen, Nakib, Bhagwant, Abhishek, Virendera, Nupur, Pankaj, Amit, Sudhir, Vishal, Paras of course how can I not mention him this is the second time we are working here. And by now I have matured in work and with our friendship that now people don't understand Paras and they complained to me that he is not doing this or that and I have to sit and explain Paras and same with him. He is my mentor and so am I for him. I think I can write books on our friendship as I can see over the time how we have learnt a lot from each other. Here it was fun to work in rotational shifts and with such a great and variety of people. You get so much to play with and learn and work. It was a fun and frolic environment we made it. It was lively and jolly environment to work with. I have many memories attached to it. Some good and some bad. Most wonderful memory of working in this organisation is that it was here in this organisation when I gave my life to Christ. Which changed all things in my life which brought new life. You can read the story here.


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    1. thanks for all your comments aliasgar its really encouraging and I am glad and satisfied by knowing atleast someone is reading

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    1. I know it was one of the embarrassing moment :)

  3. LIfe is going pretty well for you..Enjoy the Flow..

    1. Yes Harsha life goes on and on and yes it flows well by God's grace....


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