Friday, August 30, 2013

Letter to God: Thanks

Dearest Father/Abba,
I love You Daddy and thank You for everything You have done for us. Today I just want to thank You for the blessings You have given to me.
I am thankful for the love that is bubbling out of my heart by being overwhelmed in the love of God, feeling undivided heavenly peace. Which I think no money, no pleasure, no hard work/toil would have given me. I am reminded of Psalms 23 every word of the beautiful Psalm has come true in my life.
Sometime its not words, sometimes its not images, not visions, not music, not any event yet you feel super excited and you know in your heart that God is great and doing great things for you. Thank You Dadda for all this You are doing in my life. May I continue to walk in Your ways and experience this heavenly peace and joy which is everlasting because of You. The grace and mercy which are new everyday in my life.
I am thankful for the Friends. Friends who makes our lives so vibrant, colorful, musical and eventful. Without them life would be meaningless and we would have no one to share, care, fight, talk, love, help and to make team. Thank You for young friends as they challenge me with new questions, they take me to dimensions I never thought. Thankful for same aged friends who are like the iron sharpening us. Thankful for elder friends who are guide and torch bearers, examples for us. I pray for all of them, they are truly blessing from You and our companions here in Alien land.
I am thankful for the beautiful Church and leaders who take care of us as good shepherds following Your footsteps. Thanks for the Vision and Mission You have given to our Church.Thank You for such sweet families God. Once upon a time I felt like an orphan but Your word repeatedly have said “I will take care of widows and orphans” even You command us to “take care of widows and orphans” and I have seen that Church is really that family which loves us and takes such care for us. I am thankful for this community and I am thankful that I am also part of this Church. Thankful to know that Jesus is Head of our Church and we believe strongly in Your words and that is our authority.Thankful for meaningful activities of Church which is there for us and all Church members. I am thankful for Youth meetings, Fasting prayers, BTCL, House groups and specially for retreats and Camps.
I am thankful for the Gospel Music.Which have made my day, I generally don't indulge in music, but if its praising and glorifying You, I can't just hold back, I am overwhelmed and awestruck to know such Awesome God. I serve the God who created Heavens and the Earth. I am thankful for my blog and privilege that I can write and share my thoughts. Thankful for fellow bloggers who are always there to encourage. I am thankful for my job, though I am praying that I will get some more work to do. I am thankful that I have completed half a decade working in gurgaon and it was joyful for me. Because when I came here, I was a small little boy afraid to stay alone and now God have blessed me so much that I am turned to be a blessing for my family as I take care of my mom and Rohan(my younger brother) what privilege it is to with a loving and God fearing family. Who stands besides you, love you and takes care of you. Thanks Daddy for making me responsible person who now knows what does it mean to be a son of God, and also to follow law not out of compulsion but in love, knowing well that Your laws are perfect and which provides and protects us.
Your laws are love letters guiding me to walk, grow, think, love and live as You desired for us. Thanks for the freedom we have in You, knowing well who we are and for what we are.Thanks for the Bible which we can study, learn and a way to speak to You, to know You. Teach us oh! Lord to walk unto Your ways which leads to righteousness and eternal life.

Your Loving Son,



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    1. Thanks for your time Aliasgar, I am glad you liked it

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    1. Thanks for your time Harsha,and glad to know it was thoughtful too...

  3. Often we focus a lot on praying for what we want that we forget to be grateful for all that we are blessed with. A small thank you, a small note of appreciation will go a long way, even if it is with the Almighty himself. :-)

    1. Thanksgiving is very essential and crucial part of prayers and we must be humble to know the God who created all of us and He loves us and blesses us... Even though we rebelled against Him..


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