Thursday, August 29, 2013

Half a decade part two jumping to Sahara and going through a zombie mode

{If you are wondering where is part one please read it here.}

I stayed in Aegis not longer than Eight months and it was time to go and grow. First Rajat boss left the organisation and went to work with Sahara, that was big blow for us. Because we were use to work with him and his ways. But then after few months he left the process was shut down and we were going here and there looking jobs in other process but then I called up Rajat sir and told him about the situation and he asked me to join Sahara.
Ugly me and PJ
That was it, I went there to give interview again Rajat sir and his boss Dhiraj took my interview and I was selected. But I tell you of all the years I have worked in gurgaon this was the worst of all(No hard feelings people from sahara). At first the process was kind of sick and I felt cheating people, though technically nothing seemed wrong. But then we were kept on retainership, more like having an unsecured job and directly not on the payroll of Sahara but it was as good as working for sahara. Anyways, I was the youngest member here as usual but it was hard to adjust here. Not only the youngest age wise but other member had big body and ego to carry themselves. Not even one person was same minded, except I mingled with Shree who was from Maharashtra who often spoke Marathi with me. Which would remind me of my school days.
What I learned here is nothing about the process or work but definately internet. No,one to blame because I was in night shifts mostly and what do you expect in night shift. No calls, no works just you and internet. I was trying all the websites in my known idea, I spent hours on facebook, gmail and orkut. Found all weird websites which you might have never heard and as result of that. Once upon a time I had presence over all then known networking and social sites. And don't ask where else I went because internet is huge and as good as bad it can be.Life was utterly boring here because I spend lonely nights here without work and without any company. And it was literally a zombie mode for me because in day I slept and in night I just sat with machines and try to chat with robots all over. And it was time I hardly use to see someone's face and to talk with any human because it was only one person early morning who came to relieve me thats all, I just use to say hi! To him and leave the office and go home and before I reached home my room mate use to leave for office and before he came home I use to leave the home and go to MCSE classes and from there office. And all those people who work in night shifts will agree with me, that you are so cut off with world that you don't even know what is your roommate doing. My roommate use to leave a letter for me and I use to do the same and for months altogether we never met and spoke and sometimes even life went without offs.
But good thing that happened in this era was I met one of my old schoolmate online by accident and that was it, it was a turning stone for me. I got numbers of my old friends and I called them and spoke to them and it was a turning point for me. To catch up with my old friends long after so many years.
Nothing special happened except I joined IGNOU here and started studying for BCA, unfortunately which I never completed. But IGNOU remains special for me because I met Ryan there and ultimately Ryan shared Christ with me and you know the Journey began.....

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