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Half a decade in Gurgaon: Part one my arrival and working with Aegis

26th August 2008, Day when I came to give interview at Aegis, Sector 18 Gurgaon and that time Gurgaon was not as we see it today. But for me not very different. A strange land(perhaps I was even afraid because of new place and it was really lonely and far away land) but a place which was very far from Delhi but only place where I thought I can start my life again.(Because I was grounded then because I was jobless and doing nothing for a long time). I tried giving interview at a place where I was selected before at Intelenet but that went wrong and I was send back. So coming to Aegis having few borrowed money from Maternal Uncle and coming from another end of Delhi Mother Dairy. It wasn't easy to reach and find this place but somehow appeared here. Ya! I must tell you someone helped me by giving some known person's name and number who was working here. And that guy helped me, though doing nothing just putting his name and number on resume, but never the less I never know whether it helped or not but I am happy because I got this job and really had a kick start from there.
My friend Akhil and PJ
A small Eighteen year boy came to gurgaon from delhi everyday travelling in buses and sweating all the way but worth the effort. But it was so tiring that nothing absolutely nothing else was possible those dose except going to work and working like an ant. They often say people in their early days of working are most effective ones.
So second BPO job though first one was a namesake BPO with international client and here it was a domestic process. Learned a lot though. I must remember my boss Rajat Barua sir one of my greatest mentor and guide who have shaped me. By God's grace I got very good bosses every where I went. And also I want to thank God for the friends He gave me here. So I must tell you about one of my best friend whom I met here in this job. So this team was selected for Fullerton process and it was new process so we were the first batch. There is a different joy in being the First batch. But before we were selected and trained already a batch was trained for a week or so for outbound and we were mainly selected for inbound process and therefore while our training almost finished and started at the same time because Rajat Sir always believed in On the Job Training and he said start learning as soon as you hit the floor. So I was given a chance to buddy up with a strange, strict, silent, well dressed person to whom I thought in my mind “this guy looks very strict and being my first job I must respect him alot and I should make most of it by learning great new things from him”. And I was silent sitting and observing him and he never even tried to look back or explain but then I thought I am not learning anything and then I said “Sir” and thus we started learning. The more I interacted with him all my perceptions were driven away.
A Telle-caller
And that strange, strict person in real life is a very jolly person, a very very cool and calm guy and infact he became my best friend. And I can say God have specially placed in my life to show me way and to guide me. And because of him I learned a lot many things. And how from “sir” I started calling him “PJ” oh! Did I tell you his name, “no?” His name is Paras Jain. And we did everything together whether it was taking inbound calls, or shouting or conspiring against other teammates or bosses, helping them, having food, troubleshooting or it was playing TT.
There I started playing TT with PJ and learned a many other things. That company gave me a lot of hope, joy, strength to know the MNC world. Though it was fueling my ignorance toward others and making me more selfish, in detail you can read here where I wrote about this under the title “selfmade man”. You might have also read what I though about love in this post. So I had my few immature infatuation, where I like few girls but never told anyone.Also I met another good friend of mine here who is Akhilesh. I always call him “the de-motivator” I dont know if I am exaggerating I have never seen this guy well settled the problem is everyone and more often he himself expects a lot from himself and if slight thing goes bad he goes in depression and thinks “I am the only person with whom everything goes wrong.” The first meeting with him is unforgettable they way he discouraged me was amazing. I just asked him “ So what is your ambition what you wanna do in your life?” And that was it I got answers from left, right and center all my wings that grew over the time thinking I am doing a great job and I can help anyone and everyone. All those wings were trimmed well, I would say not just trimmed but separated from my body. I felt like a bird who thinks it can never fly after losing wings.
But he reminded me its good to be grounded and not to be overconfident. And whenever I think some proud is coming in me, I immediately give him a call. But he have been a great friend all the time. We both like to have debates on anything and everything. We can spend ours fighting over disputable matters. But we both think positive to build the nation or to be bring change. But we have never succeeded to take it forward those ideas have all the more buried under some lost stones. I don't know when we'll get together and turn those stones again.


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    1. thanks for your time and I am glad you liked it

  2. Jobs take so much time and commuting is something I too do. And we have the Gurgaon connection too. I came here about a decade ago!

    1. Ok glad to know that .... But Gurgaon have changed a lot in this decade... I can say you have seen it grow...:-)


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