Monday, June 17, 2013

Superman- Man of steel

I recently saw Superman - Man of Steel this was my first Superman movie I know many of you must be saying “what?” but that's fine. I was looking to movie and was thinking to myself what does the story really tells us.
An alien comes from different planet looks like one of us but deep inside he knows he is not. He is different, he is special and he have super powers. But like all of us he have two lovely parents Mom and Dad. I really love how his Dad teaches him to be a man. With lot of patience he teaches him not show his super power to everyone because the moment he does so everyone might not accept him. He keeps telling him you are special and the day will come where you will have your chance and eventually everyone will know you are special.
He asks did God did this to me? But his father says you came from different planet and we are not your parents but you came here for a reason. I really loved the story. He was one of us yet he was not destined and origin here. And he constantly struggled to know who he is and why is he different and why he is here? And that's where I draw a parallel to our lives that we humans are slightly like animals and spiritual because we are essentially spirits in flesh. And we seek the truth of our origin, destiny and the reason we are here for?
Then comes the second part. Where superman acts as a savior for mankind, according to movie that was the reason he was sent here. He had chance and choice to make. He could have that like General Zod and rebelled against own laws and morals. But superman is best of kryptonians and of humans at least according to the movie. And he wanted to save the mankind even on the cost of his own life. Here I recall of Jesus. The Son of God becoming Son of Man to save the mankind. He is best and when He was on earth He was fully man and fully divine. Jesus is the real Hero because of whom the mankind exists. He is the true savior. Where the Superman is just a story, Jesus' story is History and truth and Gospel.
We can either keep pretending that we are not spiritual. Whereas somewhere down the line we know there is something beyond us and something spiritual. Now choice is ours whether we want to search the truth or not. Or we are happy by just settling with being a normal human. Even if we settle for that; what about the reason? Why are we here? What about destiny? Where will we go? I have not found answers my whole life until I met Jesus. Who is God. One who sent me here for a reason. Even though I failed Him yet He loved me so much He became Man to save me. He is the real Hero, Savior. Three years of His life gave meaning to mankind and its way of living. His death defeated death forever and His resurrection brought eternal hope for Mankind. Do you know this GOD He is both Superman and Super God there is none like Him.

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