Destination (Where are we going...)

The first thing we must ask or we ask when we think about a journey where are we going? Because if we don't know where we are going then any road will lead us there.Then I find my journey utter meaningless if I don't have a goal in my mind then everything I do is right, actually then there is no definite right and wrong because I don't have any parameter set for same. But question here is Who is that we are going towards. Because  this destination here is not a place but towards a person. Here I define what is my understanding of Heaven. Many people believe that heaven is a wonderful place to go and they think thats the place where they want to go. They think its a place of comfort and all the pleasures Or a place where wine is flowing as river. They  thought, its a place with streets of gold or dust of gold.Where everything is perfect.Yet there are others who believe its a myth, it does not exist. But as far as I am concerned for me heaven is not that. What does this verse says  Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.( John 17:3) For me my destination is a person His name is Jesus. Once my friend asked sarcastically that what if you die and reach the throne of judgement and the keeper informs you that christianity is not a true religion and you have believed a lie all of your life. What will you do? Well I know its not true but I immediately answered I want to meet the Man Jesus Christ thats all no matter what comes after that and where I will go is secondary. I want to meet the Man who died for my sins.
So its utterly clear for me that my destination is Jesus as he have promised that He will come back to take us I believe in his words.My destination is the person of Christ whom I love and trust. Who is my Lord and Saviour. So where are you traveling????


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    1. Thanks for your time Paresh.. do come back

    2. How glorious it is that our destination is Jesus! Only in His presence is fullness of joy. I am so thankful to be traveling this Way! Life in Christ is the greatest adventure!

    3. Its interesting that our destination walks with us hahaha...


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