Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review: Mere Christianity

C S Lewis is not a cup of tea for many because he tends to take a deeper look to every issue and likes and makes you think deeper than you would have expected. Very classical thinker who was one of the best Philosopher I ever read. Thats why in many places you will see his quotes. Most of apologetics and apologists will quote him every now and then.
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I really like the title of the book and author have done justice by narrating about the same in the best manner. Its amazing that the book is actually a collection of radio talks which were later collected and noted down. But I am glad Lewis took the pain to write it down and it become a most widely and most popular book amongst the intellectuals and Christians. If you like reasons and logics and want to make use of your brain, this book is for you. Author gives very common but very connecting illustrations of many things in order to explain the deeper philosophy which have been lifesaving for me, because without those examples it would have hard to retain what the author intend to say. But a lovely book explaining the philosophy around Christianity and christian claims.
The author will ask you to think, he will make your mind open, he will argue with your will and your choice, he will direct you towards the philosophy he believes in but not a blind push but he will give all possible arguments not just arguments he want to push on you but all the logical which will move towards building a solid evidence on what he believe and why he believes in it. Not only that he asks you to think on those logic and see whether those work or not. He not only gives theory but few things which are very practical. In many of his writings you will find his examples are such which will make Christian harder virtues explained with examples and brought to practice. He not only makes you think, but compels you to follow them. He is not arguing or criticizing something. He is not sugar coating any of his views or while explaining the doctrines but he gives all possible logic and reasoning for it and makes it practical for us.
The book I will never able to read completely because I will read it again and again because as I told you its highly intellectual but yet very practical. Which really gives you some solid food to chew in your mind and very important as its practical. I am very thankful for this book as it helped me to get a very good idea and it shone light on many Christian virtues too. I would definitely recommend you to read this book. If you are a christian its a must read and if you are not a christian still it remains a must read for you as well. Because he gives reasons and logics for both audience and I hope you will really like it.

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