Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Simplicity

Sometimes I have simply prayed for a simple life. So that I can simply live my simple life. Where I am content and happy every moment where sacrifice is not very painful, so that life is not a drudgery even for a short while. So that I am mentally, physically and spiritually resting in God. By resting I mean no anxiety, no worries, no hurry, no tensions and no hustle and bustle.
Sometimes finding peace in city like gurgaon becomes very hard. We city people think of vacation for peace of mind for change. We don't enjoy the daily rush to office, daily overburdened tasks at office, long queues of cars and stuck in traffic, horrible power cuts, water drainage issue, rent issue, shifting issue, small fights over everything and gurgaon life gives so much of everything that you lose your peace very easily. But I remember that God says no matter what I will give you peace and rest just come to Me all you heavy and burdened. Sometimes we might ask God can you do a miracle and send me out of this town or most of impatient people like me sometimes do a weird request like God I know You and I am in safe zone can I come Home now (thinking like an immature kid).
But God I know that You have plans for me, and thats the reason I am in gurgaon and there should be no other good reason to be here. I know You brought me Here for purpose and unless its accomplished I will be here, whether I understand it or not, whether I like or not. I have called Him my Lord and my Master, I must obey. But God in midst of all this, I just thank You for all good things You have added in my life. For answering my prayer of a simple life. What a joy it is to be simple, teach me God not to be greedy and to be content with what I have.
Thank You God for 9:30 to 6:30 job, job where I enjoy working and look to work for You alone. God thank You for Your body, the local church who is more like a family to me, for my Mom and Rohan, then for my best friends and colleagues who are my extended family. Thank You God for Holy Spirit who is always with me, inspiring me, encouraging me, praying and interceding for me, loving me and being there for me. Thank You God for the cycle to travel, Oh! What a joy it is to ride it( only sports activity for me). Thank You for my boss and my office. Thank You for the governance who is taking care of the city. Thank You for all civil services people, thank You for the cobblers, for milkmen, for Hair cutters, for mall workers, for ice-cream sellers, for gardeners, for shopkeepers. For every single people on the street helping us to live a luxurious life. Thanks for helping us through all of them. May God bless all the people here, and strengthen us so that we can preach the good news to them and show them the love of Christ which we received freely for spreading it freely.
Thanks for making us simple and blessing us with simple life, but do I want to settle here, no I am not citizen of this place, my Hope and my eyes are set on You and for eternity. You my Rock, my salvation, my Redeemer, my lover for You alone I am alive and in You I find meaning of my life. May I always abide in You and in You alone and bear fruits for You.


  1. We should always be thankful for what we have. And yes big cities can actually take a tool on your life.

    1. Saru thanks for reading and yes we should be thankful always and this big cities really a trouble for me(atleast)... Haha thanks again

  2. I often forget to do this simple thing. Thank you for reminding!

    1. Thanks Indrani I am in same boat and it is good reminder for me as well.


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