Saturday, July 20, 2013

Social Saturdays: Crime ki kehke lenge


Recently the serial going on Red FM 93.5 called Crime ki keh ke Lenge Season 2. Though the name sounds a bit weird and a slang. But I really liked the concept of the program please read the tag line in there own language as below
Kabhi halaat toh kabhi dhokhadhadi ke shikar kuch log sahi aur galat raste mein fark nahin kar paate. Aur hamesha ke liye un par criminal ka thappa lag jaata hai.
Par wahi log badalne ki than lein toh kya aap unhein sahi rasta dikhayeinge?! Kya aap Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge?Aapka pledge kiya hua amount jayega Delhi police ke Yuva foundtation ko jo aise hi naujawaano ko apne pairon par khada hone mein madad kar rahi hai. Aaiye aur support kijiye Red FM ke iss initiative ko taaki phir koi majboor galat raah par na jaaye.
Red FM Morning No. 1 pe Swati aur Rocky ke saath Crime Ki Keh Ke Lenge Season 2, Badlaav ka ek mauka banta hai.”
It basically a program where the call up some people who were arrested for wrong reasons and other times they were mistreated by police and the community. Other times they were cheated and sometimes they were forced to do wrong things. Some people are really innocent and just somehow trapped in the big net of trafficking. Law and system not able to solve all the cases and even if they do, how are those people treated in the society. Do we accept them back as normal human beings or just as downcast criminals.
Once you are labeled as criminal, you are always labeled life long, no matter even if they want to live a normal life again, are we willing to give them second chance. We play a very crucial role in this society by being a good samaritan. But think of it they are humans but not treated as one. They are thought as threat to the society and thus there is no employment for them and they are forced to take the road to crime. There are n number of stories where we are know the victim was just a poor man and he was blamed and he could not defend himself, maybe because lack of proper education and improper knowledge about one’s right given by the country. How many mafias force small kids in some kind of crime just because of their tender age and improper knowledge and for easy money.
Then comes the part of society where we look down to them. As the Bible clearly says that “we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory” and none of us are perfect. We all sin some or other way. You know I always think we the white collar people are so called “good” not by choice but its just lack of opportunity. A survey was done and asked people if you have a chance to rape a girl and probability of getting caught is nil; 90% people say they will do that. So think of it, aren't we similar to those criminals in our minds. But then we are white collar people after all the so called society is good because of us and those criminals are pests and they should be terminated from the country thats what we think. We never think what goes unto their lives who are in prison due to wrong reasons and even after they are free from the prison we create a virtual prison for them by labeling them “Criminals” and black color people. There is no mercy, forgiveness for them.We are humans we are bound to make mistakes and we are bound to make mistakes again and again. And if we make mistakes we need forgiveness from each other. We make mistakes again and again. Forgiveness is something we long for but we don't forgive other people because of one thing thats proud and ego and this brings a difference in the society of bad and good. If we accept our mistakes and if we forgive mistakes of others I think a lot of crimes can be stopped at very early stage. People don't chose to become criminals but the society forces them to become one, we have heard many times in so many places but it doesn't make any difference in our lives. Monsters are not born by themselves but society create them, its mostly our ego which stands against us. We talk about equality but not about forgiveness and second chance. Second chance what do you mean by that, I mean to accept them, to love them, to look at them with same respect we give to others. And as the golden rule of Bible says “Do unto others what you would like them to do to you” Matthew 7:12. Wear their shoes for sometime and think how they feel and what if you or some of your beloved are in their place how will you feel if the society looks down to you.“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them friends.” so said Abraham Lincoln and if we want to see a positive change in our lives and a criminal free society the formula is clear not to make new monsters/criminals in society by hating them but turning them into honest men and allowing them to become self respected and doing good jobs.
You might have heard the song: “Everyone needs forgiveness,The kindness of a Saviour;”  And the Saviour Jesus who forgave us said that you shall be forgiven if you forgive others. And if we give chance to those people they will be more than willing to live a better life.  
If you think they deserve a second chance with you join Red FM and Delhi Police Yuva foundation to get this people a better and a respectful job. Please visit to support them. Come let us make a crime free society.

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