Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Choice - My part

I give you a small background about what I am going to share. As I shared in previous post about my conversion, I also want to share my journal entries of past. I wrote this way back in April 2010 when I really accepted Jesus. This is the time when I have been to Church few times and started arguing with Aveek and Ryan about Christianity and other Religions also, without really knowing what it means to accept Jesus I told Ryan yes I accept Him my Savior and Lord. Then later how I found out what it really means to say so. I will add several things in the text I wrote back then but I will try to keep it as genuine as possible. (And please read the disclaimer before commenting or thinking anything about it.)
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The Journal entry: 9th April 2010
Today I think started the day with a prayer and I want to know what love is. Love is the grace of God He gave us His only Son to us so that we can be saved. I plan something and that doesn’t happens I get discouraged; couple of times but still I believe whatever happens it is for good. We had Housegroup meeting* today I was part of it we had fun over there we shared our names, where we come from and our favorite Bible character. My favorite character is of course Jesus the symbol of Love.
Well that was a good get together and Ryan prayed for everyone out there I liked their unique way to come together and to pray for each other raising the brotherhood.
Well I was always a guy who wants everything for eg. If you have three flavors of Ice-cream I would like thereof them to be tasted. This was not an exact example but I want to share that how I choose things in life.(# Basically what I really meant here then was I was a pantheist and I always through all roads lead to God and no matter whose name I call on I will be saved) But this time It was high time for me to choose either of the two things and what are they:
  1. My beliefs on other things which I kept believing for long 20 years my lifetime
  2. Lord Jesus
I had choice to choose either one. (# I use to wear astrological ring, some thread on neck and had some idols at home. And I was in two boats because I thought I can have all of them together but not this time my friend who shared Christ with me Aveek asked this tough question Choose today whom will you serve to Jesus or option a(above)? He told you have enough time think through it and answer it? I wrote this when I went home that day. I took off my rings and the thread and kept the idol facing ground the very same day. I was really convinced about this Living God and His Love for me.)
We can either choose one of them? And I am sure I have chose Jesus and sooner or later I will know why, how and where? But I have trust on Him is not based on any fear or any greediness but on the purest part of all that is Love. I love Him, respect Him and not to anyone else. One thing is sure when you trust someone and have faith on someone put it wholeheartedly and that is true you can only do it to one master and He is my master the father of all Jesus.

# All things in Italic are my recent changes and commentary. I want to add I really didn’t knew what I am writing and why I am doing but interesting enough one small word which made me do is Faith and as you all know the journey is all about faith for which I thank God. Like a small kid without much resistance I was sure that I will follow Him.
*Housegroup in some places known as cell group is a small gathering of few families of Church they meet over a meal and they discuss about the week and life. It’s a close fellowship with believer of Church on a weekday


  1. faith makes things possible .... :D :)

  2. Ya it does, and my journey is of faith so I experience it everyday

  3. it's heartening to read this ... sometimes I would doubt whether I was imagining things. But there's no way SUCH A LARGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD , could be wrong about experiencing God and having a relationship with Him.
    Like Air, I can't see Him, but I need Him. Thank God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit for this :)

    1. Jeffy I am thankful you like it and even if the whole world stand against me and say they will not believe in CHRIST and say He dont exist I will stand and believe because I have met Him personally and Love Him, He is very real to me . Thank God


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