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Choice- God's Part (A journal entry)

Part two of Choice

Read the part one: Here

The Journal entry: 10th April 2010
I shared the previous entry of my journal that how I chose Christ. But now I write the page after that. Title of the post is God who chooses us and not the other way round.( Later I got to know that it was not me who chose God but Holy Spirit convicted me to for my sins and told me more about Jesus who died on cross for me. And we also read this in John 15:16 where Jesus said “I choose you”)
I woke up early morning started praying to God. As discussed yesterday that God is just a prayer away I learned lot many things while I was on bed. I was confused what is happening. It was like God opened his door and asked me to walk in and to trust him then I was encouraged and I was confident that I chose Jesus as my savior as my Lord. Spoke to Aveek about the same and he made me study some very beautiful verses. I was really joyful. Then we got the message from Church “You cannot be the slave of two masters! You will like one more than the other or be more loyal to one than other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24. (Interestingly I didn’t knew that the context of verse was different but still it was to chose one master)
It is hard really very hard to forget or to disbelieve thing that you followed and obeyed for twenty years. And but then God is love and so lovable that I can leave all this. God I pray, I pray that let not any obstacle stop me to come to you now I don’t have the privacy to speak with you but my heart is pure God I love you and I know even I don’t say and ask you will give you have grace on all you love your all children. I am trying my level best to fight myself. And please help me Lord. I Love you God.

PS: I have done some changes which I think was a grammatical error. I have not edited much and have tried to copy the journal entry as it is.  

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