Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Rohan

Rohan at the age of 3
Today's post is dedicated to my small brother Rohanpreet. Thank you God for sending him in our lives. Because truly he is a blessing in our lives. We have a small happy family of three members; Mom, Rohan and me. Few years before when I moved to gurgaon I was alone and use to stay with my some my friends. If you read my past story how I longed for love and family. I would have never understood the true meaning of life and family if God would have not chose me. If I would have not met Jesus. Thank you Lord for telling me what does it mean to have a family. I was a rebel from childhood thus never ever really focused on family. And then I went to stay in hostel and you read in self made man that how my ideology of life was changed and everything I was and wanted to be revolved only around I, me and myself.
And yes our family was incomplete without Rohan, kids are really blessing from God.I was only child of my mom until eighteen years of my life, until Rohan walked in our lives. Initially we stayed away but later we started staying together as family. More than a brother, Rohan is like my son. And I care for him, love him just as I would love to do with my own kids. He is my best friend, ally at home, we are team against mom, we are the kids of the home and we share lot of things at common. Whenever one of us make mistake, we both get scoldings, as much as Rohan is afraid of mom, I am too. He is mostly like me. But he is more clever than me. I have seen growing before my eyes.
I so thank God, when he prays small prayers in the name of Jesus. When he sings the praise and worship songs, I just thank God that from childhood he is getting to know Jesus. I am also glad that he is really privileged to attend Sunday school at Church. And he is always excited about same. Really I want to thank God for choosing our family and keeping us under His provision and love.
Every time Rohan makes mistake, my mom will say “Dono bhai ek jaise” meaning “Both of them are alike”. Sometimes I laugh that we both are mischievous and sometime I just see myself in Rohan and wonder even I did the same mistake. When my mom says why dont you correct him, I say I make the same mistakes how can I correct him, what if someday he says, “Do to others what you would like them do to you”. So many areas I first discipline myself and then teach Rohan.

I have to take care of both of my family members with love and affection. Lead them spiritually, by the help of God. May God give me strength and wisdom to guide them, love them, to take care of them.


  1. Happy Birthday to little Rohan. He may be a shining star among his peers and God may guide him on His footsteps.

  2. Thank you Anu di for your blessings...


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