Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Review: More than a Carpenter by Josh Mcdowell

I generally don't read books and neither am I a great book reader, therefore me review will also not sound that great and deep, indeed this is my first attempt towards a book review.
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Well lets know a bit about Author Josh Mcdowell, a graduate of wheaton College and magna cum laude graduate of Talbot Theological Seminary, is a travelling speaker for Campus Crusade for Christ and resident instructor at The Julian Center in Julian, California. He wrote many famous books which includes Evidence that Demands a Verdict and Secret of living. He is a visiting instructor at the International School of Theology and at the Simon Greenleaf School of law.
He is a well known author He have helped many young people and I have enjoyed listening to many of his talks. Josh is one of those people who will speak a very common and a young boy language. And such was his writing. I am not a very expert on any literature but his book was more about facts and data collection and as if building a case by providing multiple cross reference. Well this helps one to cross verify the authenticity about the topic Author is telling but its really amazing how people remember names and quote them appropriately.
This books observes very carefully about the Person of Jesus Christ, His claims, His life, His death and resurrection more through under a suspicious lenses. The Author discuss what Jesus said about Himself and what Christians believe about Him, and why do they do so? Its a very advocating approach to look at the case of Christianity. As he comes with various different points to prove the point that Jesus is more than a carpenter.
Well if you think you have doubts or intellectually or Historically Jesus(His life and resurrection) or you think why or why not this Historical fact be believed as truth? I would recommend you to read this book, as it carefully tackles this questions and give you some solid undeniable and reprovable proofs which he himself found very methodically. Its a must read for those who want to know the facts about Jesus.
One of my favorite quote from the book is
In the Old Testament there are sixty major messianic prophecies and approximately 270 ramifications that were fulfilled in person Jesus Christ.”

I simply loved the way the book is written in simple language and a very informative and methodical way and cross reference make things very verifiable and thus trustworthy. If you have read the book as its a very old book please share your comments and if you have not, please pick one and read.


  1. Haven't read it but I like books which are written in simple language and it's easy for readers to connect.

    1. Ya its a good book to read, simple language and I think you must read it.


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