Saturday, August 17, 2013

Social Saturdays: Politics in India, The word war

I hardly talk or criticize anyone no matter what his opinion is? For two reasons one is I don't like to fight and have unnecessary arguments with no results and second is I dont consider it worth to argue with fools who do not understand and are determined not to understand. But there is a limit to every talk we do. And specially when you are a celebrity and you hold an influential position and perhaps you are the one who should not speak but work.
My case is against all the fancy politicians of our nation who are standing up and saying any nonsense thing that comes to their mouth. And I don't know the media is hyping it up? Or they are just passing comments as idle gas as they don't have anything to work? Or they are old and have lost their senses. You pick up newspaper we are already bombarded by the news of terrorism, rape cases, murder, landslides, natural calamity, acid attacks, market crashing, few sports and other detail of how financial status of companies are going down and this news are enough depressing therefore our politicians have taken the responsibility to make us laugh by saying something funny or saying something that will boil our blood and cause to look into the argument with them and meanwhile from the back they continue to exploit us by many-many ways. They are happy to engage us in the Word war and continue doing the work they do which is to loot the money as much as possible.
Politicians the Indian definition of politician is changed from our a long period of time. So according to Indian dictionary who is a Politician: A person who is greedy for money and power, who can rage war just few words, who is not sensible, who don't know how things are defined, one who thinks whatever he says should become a standard defination of that thing, person who must have criminal records but not proved at all, person who is always thinking and proclaiming “ Isme opposition walo ka hath hai”, “Yeh hamare sarkar ko girane ki sajish hai”(Opposition is involved in every wrong thing that happened, Its a scheme to fail our government) who never teams up unless that is the way to gain power, who thinks self-gain is equal to nation development and public welfare, who is determined to help his relatives, his people, one who is bothered just about filling their pockets and nothing to do with nation. One who can cry and do “Halla and hangama”,no seedhi baat, only bakwaas”.( No straight discussions only stupidity). Who is always busy in accusing opposition for corruption charges and if they have been accused they will say “I am ready for any probing but first they must answer about other accusation. One who knows how to use religion and other divisions to divide and rule the nations. They are just determined to change things for worse. Whether it is matter of dividing and bringing new states or using low caste status for benefit. Where satyagraha was to fight against the foreigners now its a new way to exploit anything(I am not saying all fasts and strikes are wrong). But “Bandh” for every situation is not the right approach to all things.
I know most of you are thinking we all know this and we have no choice. No, I am not here just to take out my frustrations and to start new word war but I am here to help and think over how we can bring change. We the youth are frustrated at the same time we are not able to do anything and this politicians are like termites eating our nation and we are immunized to this and we have learned to adjust with all this. First we must be uncomfortable(I know we are but we must express it and try not to adjust with it) and stop being the part and just mute spectators. We have to step out of our comfort zone to fight against all evil.

#We must participate in the politics(Not according to Indian definition but what actually it is), we must take pain to vote
# We must know (and more importantly do)our rights and duties given by the government
# We must be honest; by that I mean that we come out of our comfort zone and suffer for a while if required but must not take shortcuts in following and maintaining law and order
# If there is anyway we can stop corruption is the harder way by not giving bribe and may be suffer like giving time and spending a little bit money(but less than paying bribe)
# Doing the things right way rather than doing it easier way
I know I might sound like a school teacher giving you old lecture but I must remind you, if we just start doing this we will soon see the change.

# Lets come out of our selfish cocoon and help the poor and low cast, let the outcast become incast when we stand with them
# Change our mindsets, rather asking girls to change their clothes
# Give equal rights to them, by being fair to everyone
# Respect old people not only in essays and get certificates but willingly remembering well that we will soon be in their place
# We know the golden rule “Do to others what you would like others to do to you”
# Love God and know the purpose of your life,
# If there is anything that can bring peace in this world is Love, lets spread nothing but love and not just in words but in action, If we will love one another all problems can be solved
# Love your neighbor as yourself(Sounds like Christian messages but really practical to bring change) try it once
# Don't differentiate but celebrate the differences we have and if anything that can unite us is love so let there be one thing in our heart above all that is Love.

Thats not just temporary love is something which is unstopable, untamable, the greatest strength of all. By violence hatred we have not achieved anything in history. Lets give Love a chance and to bring the change. In all this political phenomena we can focus on our rights and duties but we have forgot that this institutions came later and for our welfare but greatest requirement for a human life is not just right and duties but its Love and affection. And if we have forgot to love then I am afraid to call ourselves human. And if we really want to change we must relearn and practically love. Love God, love ourselves, love neighbors and love enemies at last, as Abraham Lincoln would say “Do I not defeat my enemies when I make them friends.”


  1. Politicians in India and America sound pretty much the same.

    1. I am not sure Pam as I dont know much about America, but our politicians are more worse than my description but yet there is a hope for change.....


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