Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Review: The Horse and his boy

Of course who have not seen the movie the Chronicles of Narnia and who amongst you don't remember Aslan, the Lion. Here I am to share what I think about one of the Narnian books I read recently called “ The Horse and his boy”(Chronicles of Narnia is a set of seven books).
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But before I do that I must tell you few things clearly this is perhaps my fifth or sixth book which I have read and first story book. And I must tell you this that reading a story from a book is really more fun than watching it as a movie, there are many reasons for that one of them which I really think is the we interpret story line by line and thus not missing anything. When we read line to line we focus one by one and don't miss on any detailing of author want us to know. And what he is intending us to focus. Also our imagination can be far more better than the director who is interpreting the story. And we can be more imaginative and creative. Also we need to have patience to read line by line and enjoy every word, rather just watching the movie just for a short span. And when we read word after word and line after line the adventure and we can picture yourself in the boots of protagonist. And we don't lose the focus if we are careful to follow the author and use the imagination as we want. And the book keeps us glued until we finish and it is one of the kind experience to read a book and go in the miraculous world.
And special to me because one of my favorite author wrote this book C.S. Lewis. So do you want to know the author, Ah! I think we know him well but yet I have told you about him when I was reviewing the book Mere Christianity. But this two books are totally different, where the Mere Christianity will make you think and keep you engage intellectually and will tell you hard doctrines, the narnian books also keep you engaged but to wonder, thrill, hope and joy again and again.(And later discovered from a friend Aveek Das that its as intellectual as other books Lewis but it needs a different pair of lens to reach there)
Lewis have well thought about the stories and have kept the language far too common in order to make it easy for children to read it and understand well. But at the same time he have kept the central message as hard line, and thus making it a book which everyone without thinking of age should read. I don't want to tell you about the story but definitely I would tell you that it is one of the best stories I have ever read. I am sure you will connect with the story and see how uncertain lives are shaped and wove to a bigger and a beautiful story. Its a story where there is love, fight, war, ego, bravery, hope, faith, wonder, friendship, kings, queens, prince and princess and yes talking animals too.
It feels magical all over, the landscape, the river, the desert, when you read all that you feel the air touching you, some time the heat of the desert will touch and every moment you are thinking what will happen next. Like other stories this story also have great message and insight at many levels. I must say its a must read book.


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    1. Thanks for your time Harsha. I hope you will read this book...:-P

  2. You push me to read this .. nice gist dear Sushant!! :)

    1. Please read it, I know you will not regret


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