Monday, February 4, 2013

Prayer is more than words...

My friend Pamela who is also inspiration for me to write is writing a series of articles on theme more than this monday on deep reflection. So today I will try to reflect on basic things as this also vital part of the journey. Today lets look at Prayer only a glimpse.
I don't know if this is said by someone else or not but I always say this to myself that Prayer is the fuel we must live this life. Every single person who believes in God knows about prayer. Now its secondary that how we do it, when we do it and why we do it?
What is prayer in our life? Is it something a everyday routine or we do it occasionally. Do we rely on what we knew about prayers or found out new ways? Do we pray to please God?
Do we pray thinking that this is part of the religion? Does our prayer reflects pride? Or it is a long list of request to God? Or are we asking to do or bless something we are doing or want to do? Are we praying to show something? How does your prayer looks like?
    Because our walk with Christ is defined by the way we pray and how often we pray? What we pray? What does it really mean to pray? So coming back again when I asked this question teach me to pray and how Jesus taught it?  simply saying prayer is communication.
Its by faith, a lot of faith initially because that is the time(When I started the journey) I was not sure about so many things, like where am I going, to whom really I am praying, why I am praying? But what I knew and wanted to know is Truth. What is truth? The Fact something genuine/original by which I can understand everything else. And those days I was reading and still read my favourite bible verse John 14:6 where Jesus says “ I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life no one comes to Father except through me.” But question was still why should I believe what He said is Truth. But faith, by faith I believed He is! Then made an honest prayer to Him, to open my eyes to see Him. And I realized when I heard Him that I did not chose Him, He chose me(John 15:16). As a Father He was always looking for me and He was planning and making my ways to follow Him(Reminds us the story of prodigal son Luke 15:11-32).
    Prayer is really more than the words we murmur before food and before sleeping and early morning. From beginning till date I have believed God is concerned about our heart than anything else. Even before we speak anything He knows.(Psalm 139:4) His eyes are always on us and His ears are always attentive towards us. Then is it only the words that is prayer.No prayers are more than words....
    Prayer goes beyond the offering of our words to him. Its a lifestyle we chose. Its our thoughts, our choices, our efforts and our work; are they not pointing something greater in our lives? Prayer is those songs that comes in our heart when we marvel of His glory. Prayer is that joy we have even in the difficult circumstance. Prayer is that cry when we seek His help in difficult time. Prayer is that talk when we are still and seek His words for our life. Prayer is that time we quietly spend at His feet, saying nothing but waiting to hear from Him.Thus prayer goes beyond mere words its a lifestyle we live. When we are helpless and we confess it to the Lord thats prayer. When we are remembering someone and asking God to help them its a prayer. When you intentionally speak to Him, so that you can avoid temptation and sin thats prayer.
    When you realize that Holy Spirit is guiding you and interceding with you for your words are falling short but He is teaching you and reminding you about Jesus that is prayer. When you trust and listen to His Word carefully that is prayer. Its that love we have with Him
    You know prayer is beyond words: A small baby who have not learned to say loves his parents but can't really express it but the parents know how much the baby loves them and more than those words and whether the baby gives it back or not parents are committed to love the baby. Its the same picture its not how much we pray? How we pray? What we say? Its love of God that really bounds us and if we are conscious towards it our words of thanksgiving and praise to His Grace will never end. And as I always say Our generations will pass away but we will not have enough thanked Him for what He have done in our lives.
So how do you pray?

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