Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Short past story of the wanderer

I was born in Delhi in a Bengali migrant family. We were Hindu by religion. At very early age my dad passed away. And I was brought up by my Mom in love and care. My mom is my true hero because she worked very hard to make me big. She was very poor; with her husband everything was buried and was a history. She never ever worked outside before my dad passed away. She was very young but helpless, moneyless, homeless and most importantly hopeless. My mom started staying with my uncle and granny. Being small in the home I use to be very quiet I generally don’t speak much therefore my name suited me Shushant. “Shant”(Hindi) means silence.
I was alone without Dad but it never really haunted me.But what really haunted me was my demands. I had no rights to demand anything, though I was only son that time but our financial condition was not good. So my life was almost without toys and luxury. As a small boy was a brilliant in studies, I use to be topper of the class but somehow I was very afraid to interact and slow in communication. My socialising skills were very weak. I was very domestic person and loved to stay alone at home.
After sometime when I was almost 8 year old I went to hostel for my studies. That was the turning stone suddenly from being alone to be in a big group of similar age kids. So I have developed and learned many good and bad things from there. I learnt all things on my own. And that was a beginning of sense of “SELF MADE MAN”.
After finishing my Matriculation SSC I came to Delhi and took admission in a government school and managed to pass my High school. Because from being habituated to study under good teachers and suddenly change in board and the pattern of learning I collapsed very badly in academics. Academics was my only ally all this years because I was known as a scholar among all my friends and family.And when I failed to perform even there. I lost hope in myself but still I was very proud of myself and still not willing to give up. No sooner I finished my HSC I started working with a small restaurant called Sbarro but I am still proud to say I was in the launching team of the restaurant in India. I learned all my working ethics from here. I had wonderful team members and manager here. But very soon in few months I left the job because I got a job in a International call center which I consider a blunder of my career. Nowhere I remember it. You know a lot of things going on I don't have time and words to describe all that was going on because I am trying to keep the story small.
Here comes the biggest blunder of my life my Mom was very sick and I became jobless those days. In those days I was working in that International call center a KPO(It was a fraud company) during nights and while in day I was working as a hawker(Reddi in hindi) to help an Aunty with her new business. Not ashamed to do that but blunder happened when the call center decided to Kick us without any reason and without paying. They left me jobless and made the situation verse.
My Aunt started pressurising my Mom to get married second time with a man whose wife have already died. The story goes on we don't know why? when? but as per I think mom was thinking about my future and I was thinking about her health and we agreed for the same. Though It was the most depressing moment of my life but for sake of my mom’s health I took the decision thinking I can support the family I was just 17 years old then and jobless, hopeless and surrounded with thousand blunders and failures of life.

But then things didn't go the way we thought the person whom mom married is a very poor man who have a family in a small town of Haryana and his parents are staying there are typical stingy people only money lovers. That home is a horror place for me there is no peace, no laughter, no brightness on anyones heart. Ruthless rigid unchanging old people. And the person(My step Dad now) stays in Mumbai is a small struggling actor who is not willing to take responsibility of his family. I moved out from there and started living with friends and working with call center and became like the normal youth and joined the BPO gang.I wrote a lot maybe I will try to continue in next post.

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