Monday, February 18, 2013

A Gift called time...

I had an amazing weekend yesterday and wanted to share this memory with you. One of the love language is quality time and not only that I checked it on that my love language is quality time and I am not at all surprised. And I also demonstrate this language with others. I don't like to give gifts for two reasons because more that the gift person is very important for me and another is I am mostly out of cash ;-). So I gifted my time to one of my closest friend Pamela on her birthday. And enjoyed the time with her and her fiance Ryan also my best friend.
You can read about Pam here in her blog.And I know her due to this blog. American girl who gave her life to Christ and by faith came to India to marry her love. Interesting person. I love to spend time with this people because they are my close friends. So lets discuss about the quality time I was telling. Because this is something nowadays we don't have time. Many of us are busy in making our careers and many other are busy in running a race to chase something they love. In a time where we demand 24/7 service we are pushed to work day and night. The world has become so close that now everything available on internet and just a call away. We are comfortable in our homes, we don't want to come out and give time.
Are we masking our lives with things and not ourselves in that and offer it to the person saying this is my gift to you. What is key for any relationship to grow may it be love with God, parents, friends or spouse. You need to give your time to them. Many people complain they don't have and can't make time. But you don't make time by just giving excuse.

When you will to do something you will. Make every effort to invest in someone’s life, so that they will know you and you will know them and the relationship will grow deeper. Time is the best gift you can ever give to someone. Give time to God and then to your loved ones and lastly do rest of the things. And I must tell you I really tell you when you do this you will find that how important time is? Otherwise we can just sit saying we don't have time and we can miss on loving someone. Which is not just an option but commandment from God. (Read Matthew 22:37-40)


  1. Our time really is the most precious gift we can give people. That's often overlooked!


    Jules of Canines & Couture


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