Monday, March 4, 2013

Temporary residence

Yesterday I helped a friend shifting her stuff to a new place where she will stay with her friends. She is also a migrant like most of us, Gurgaon is urban city where everyone has come to work, only few call it their home and others just call it a place to earn money and gain experience from their work.
Enjoyed staying here in rented room and we have to move to one place to another from time to time. Sometimes because of rent and other times due to landlord, job change or other priorities we keep changing. We stay somewhere for years and in some for few months. The landlords became our family and our friends and the close relationship makes the place warm and doesn't allow us to change or shift our rooms. Not once many a times I have gone through this because I have always stayed in a rented place and kept migrating from one place to other.  But I always think about a place to call home and I have never found it yet. A home sweet home. I think its not only me but every single soul longs to return to the place called home where he is loved and respected, where he can be himself and take rest.
But can we found such place here? I don't think so because we are not of this world as Apostles told us to be aliens and strangers in this world. Apostle Paul says do not conform to the patterns of this world. Again Apostle John says Do not love the world.And Apostle James and Peter reminded us that we are here for a short while and then we shall return to Lord Author and perfecter of our lives. As He promised that He is going to Father to create a place for us and He will come back and take us with Him.(John 14:3) So where do we look at what should be our attitude toward the place where we are staying and where we are heading.(Colossians 3:1-2)
Sometimes we are so attached to this temporary place that somehow we get convinced that we are citizen of this place and not lies ahead. Its like on journey I put camp for a halt and now I say this is my destiny I will not move ahead. We should really think if Lord comes today are we willing to leave the earth or say no to Him saying I am good here and I have adjusted well, why don't you give your blessings here?

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