Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My school of thoughts

So far I hope you read about my life career, education and also about my
love life now I will tell you about my philosophy (my school of thought). What shaped my view on religion and what was my theology before knowing Christ and also all my stories I told you are off course meeting Christ I am giving you brief background before telling Why I followed Jesus and How it that encounter has changed my life. This are my personal thoughts and I am not writing any hate speech or anything bad against any religion or belief but this are my personal reflections on them, so if you are hurt by any of my such writing I sincerely request him not to take it personally but rather think deeper on same.
I was born In Hindu family so off course naturally I was informed about the Hindu mythology of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas, puranas and also about so many deities which I still don’t know the exact number. And as a small kid without much questioning I followed because my parents followed. But later when I started growing and going to school and started thinking my view changed and I was exposed to secular world and so many religions and so many school of thoughts along with those religions; each with their own explanations about life and god and goddesses. Difficult to know which one is right. I was born rebel against anything and everything. I am both stubborn and rebellious from childhood for everything single thing I demanded explanation and reason. I hated some silly and awkward rules my parents and friends told me as common as not touching food with left hand, not playing with scissors or two metal sticks, not writing on ground and I don’t know what and unless someone gave me answer which would satisfy me I would go crazy and do it unless you give me a proper reason.
I studied blind faith from books like sati, child marriage, untouchability, caste system though many reformers have already eradicated this long back but when I studied my mind really made me think if this are abolished why can’t other illogical ones can be done away with? But too small to argue with anyone else except my mom and she use to say we never asked our parents why do you ask? Asking too many questions was also not allowed.
As I grew bigger I was convinced with secularism which our country practices and I am thankful for same. Perfect example of Unity in Diversity and didn’t try to dig deeper in the subject of religion and faith but always had perfect arguments against blind faith. I took interest in understanding Islam with help of some friends kept Ramzan fast called “Roza”. Hinduism in itself is so large never understood it completely and land by land the deity changes that its even difficult to remember all the stories and names. For every single thing they have a god or goddesses. Then as I told you my Mom married late in 2007 in a sikh family there I was exposed to Sikhism for some time. I tried understand that too visited gurudwaras and heard their stories and what they preach. But after all this search I was thinking I am Mr. Know it all, who know everything and he is multicultural and a true Indian and I was proudly a pantheist. But reality is I know nothing about any of this religion and I am jack of all trades. In next part we will talk more about same... till then keep thinking.

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