Friday, March 22, 2013

Letter To Daddy on Birthday

Dear Daddy,
    I love you and I am thankful for you created me with your loving hands on this day 23 years before and send me to this earth with a purpose. A purpose which I seek everyday. But more important is that I have choice to either live for you or for myself or something else. But You chose me, loved me, gave me free will to chose.
    That Your Son died for me, my best Friend who came to earth took the form of man and lived among us and because of whom we are called Your sons.I am so thankful for this live and so thankful to know You. To know that You delight in me and dwelling in me. I am shameful but honest to say I have failed You again and again and still failing You. But O! Lord I am thankful for You have never ever given up on me.
    You said seek the Kingdom of God first and rest will follow. I want to make this simple prayer on this birthday that may I always seek Your face and Your kingdom. May I always dwell on Your love, word and care. Your presence is the most important thing in my life. You have made covenant with us that You will never leave us nor forsake us, so I don't have to worry You leaving me but I am concerned about my choice. But Your love and Your loving presence compels me to repent of my everyday sins and delight in Your holiness cleansed in the blood of Jesus. I feel very bad when I fail you, but I am very weak to overcome everything in my strength therefore I need You. I need You everyday, above all things, above all the pleasures and demands of my life I need You. How often I have missed to come in Your presence and thus have failed and cried for committing mistakes on those periods.
    Thank You for the gift You give me everyday the bright morning light from sun, cool air refreshing and keeping me alive, for the night and dim light of moon, the flowing water, fire for warmth and cooking, shelter and clothes, for fruits and flowers of various kinds, so vast that I know only handful of them. For people for their love, care and affection. For the nature and its creative design. For physics, science, maths, geography, history and all that our minds and can comprehend and beyond we can imagine. I see vastness of Your love and knowledge in all things around me and I wonder You made this all to show that You love us, You are the greatest Artist I have ever known, only difference is You give life to your arts and not only life but free will and choice and You love us with our shortcoming and rebellious nature.
    I am afraid to complain against any single thing because Your plans and Your thoughts are perfect and beyond my comprehension. Whenever I am still I just know that You love me and that gives me a peace which surpasses all the understanding. I am just awestruck and looking for words to praise You. All my praise words are small for Thee. All my descriptions of thee are smaller than the shadow of Your majestic glory. And Your promise that I will spend eternity with Thee, gives me eternal hope. That Jesus will come back and take me with Him. Sometimes I am fed up of myself but You have never give up on me because You know You created me and You know the perfect plan for me, its just that I trust in You that You will tell me too.
    Thanks for creating me, loving me, nurturing me, taking care of me, redeeming me, for sending Jesus and redeeming me, dying for me, dwelling in me, shaping me, and finally I wait for Your glory and judgement. Truly I am unworthy and deserving all this but I really thank Thee.
Your loving son,


  1. Happy Birthday.. :-) quite an interesting post you have here.. enjoyed reading it..

  2. Thanks Krishnanand for your wishes and for stopping and reading my blog


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