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Modern Healthcare a blessing or a curse?

Below article is written under "How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?" with an initiative from Apollo Hospitals( and IndiBlogger. And I am thankful to both of them to give a platform to write about such topic I hope you will take some time to  read this.

Health Care have always been a great studies and a mainline stream on which many of us depend. And its a vast topic and really benefited each one of us and every one of us in some or other area. We know from history and past experience of Medical journey that how modern healthcare have helped in overall growth of human health. How the society depends upon the doctors and medical science everyday from very common cold to heart transplant. Not only healthcare institutes and research goes everyday and helped to eradicate deadly diseases.
Many scientists have dedicated their lives towards finding new cures to deadly diseases, we humans are endlessly working towards making this life disease free and problem free. Modern healthcare is like a genie who is working to fulfill wishes of common man everyday. Healthcare is the basic requirement for survival, we have heard the phrase “survival of the fittest” if thats true Modern healthcare works towards making everyone fit that no-one is left out and we walk and hand in hand with everyone that no one looks down on someone else because some physical handicap or have some disease.
Healthcare and medical science not only have saved many lives from deadly diseases but also brought revolution in our country. It have thrown light on every aspect of human body and its pain and suffering. Specially in our country like India where there was a blind faith and some false practices of considering some deadly diseases as curse of god or they associated it with some kind of false spirituality. Many cures of deadly disease have solved and it have not saved few lives but communities and many lives. Disease in which people were assumed to be outcast and untouchable, for example leucoderma was considered a deadly disease once upon a time and people suffering from it were declared untouchable and they were the outcast from the society it took a lot of research in finding actual cause of the disease and to fight with it and also lots of awareness for it. Smallpox and chickenpox was traditionally considered a disease from some deity and we thought its natural and it will go by itself but few times it left adverse effects on the patients and many cases people died but later vaccination and other medical measures were discovered and implemented and we are very well aware of it.
And similarly many diseases are plaguing us day and night and modern healthcare fights both at primary level and also looks for prevention of it for example precautions for diseases like whooping cough and polio we are given vaccination in advance and vaccination against rabies are readily available at village level as well. And well we have great news like our country becoming polio free nation. And such many innovations have saved and touched millions of life knowingly and unknowingly.
I was also recently thinking about life of physically handicapped people but thank God for modern health care that they have come up with such surgeries they make a new pair metallic attachment as false feet or hands and the patient becomes as normal as we are and if you want an example a very good example is Paralympics which is more than a proof for us that physically handicapped people can also enjoy life normally.
Now the latest medical science and healthcare have reached to a level where most remote parts of body, and most complicated joints, nerves, cells, fluids are studied and they are working to repair and replace it with others. Were eye donation and blood donation and heart,kidney, liver transplantation are no longer impossible things. The modern science is really a blessing for mankind and saving millions of lives everyday. Now I was checking this Apollo hospitals modern facilities from where I got to write about modern healthcare as the website gives a list of things which I thought was impossible it was an eye opener for me I thought it was just in news and only in developed countries but thank God its for real and available in our own country.
But as much as modern healthcare is a blessing for mankind it can be turned and in some areas already turned as curse for mankind. Though its not totally fault of healthcare but of the motives of humans involved in it. As hellish as abortion it can be used to save a pregnant lady but when it came to India it killed so many lives and now we see activists running with big posters to stop abortion. Infants are killed every day, not one or two but thousands and thousands everyday. where modern healthcare coming up pills for anything and everything making humans more lazy and not giving preventive but post diseases cures only. Challenging the nature itself many times, challenging the design of how God created it. For example the modern science have come up with sex change operations; I have no clue how they do that but its for real. They are coming up with having test tube babies without using the natural process (as much as it have helped but there is a lot of debate how men are misusing it). When modern healthcare gave us options of heart, kidney, liver transplant options; many evil minded came up with idea of human trafficking and taking out their body parts and selling it at very high price.Think of it we humans have become commodity just like animals and other environment. At one side the scientist who came up with this theory and process they thought they will save lives but here its on the cost of others lives.There are scientists working on bio-chemicals for good and there are terrorist who are using it for ammunition for mass destruction. It's as simple as this no matter how great the blessings is when human are handling it they mostly misuse it for selfishness, greediness, for self gain.
So at the end I would say God have given this great blessing of modern healthcare let us thank Him and use this blessing wisely and not rebelling against Him forgetting Him and challenging Him by misusing this precious gift of life and health care.


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