Monday, April 29, 2013


Sometimes you make a friendship just over a smile, a small talk, over a journey and sometimes it takes years and years and yet we are not sure once we depart whether we will remember each other. And we humans are so wired for relationships that we cannot live without them. We humans are classified as social animals we live in a society.
Though we don't value our society and community but truth is we cannot stay without them. So as I always tell you that on saturdays or sundays we have some or other activity so this saturday it was Married couple fellowship and I was again called for baby sitting and this time I was more for technical support as this time we were showing movies to kids on projector but unfortunately the speakers were not working so Neelima di had to narrate the story.
As we must have heard this saying that all great things comes in a small package. I met a new kid 4 years small girl and if you are wondering what does my title mean “yes” its her name Meethi which means sweet. And yes this small girl is very sweet. Any person that met her will tell you the same thing she is so cute and lovely and she have a wonderful quality to make friend with you. Some people have that midas touch that when you meet them they leave you a changed person, and she is such a sweet girl.
I will never forget how quietly she started and playing with me and her brother Jojo also became my friend. And for those few hours I forgot who I was and I became a small kid which I rarely can do. And I played Ring-ringa roses and hide and seek and chicken walk(which was punishment in our school) and many other games.Sometimes best things to do is to become a kid and play with them. I was thinking of their innocence, enthusiasm and unbiased love. Meethi is a very sweet girl and as one of my other friend would say “I am her fan”. They both(Meethi and Jojo) are new kids and sad that I couldn't meet their parents because I am sure they too are lovely people who have brought both of them in such a lovely way.
I could just see world differently from the eyes of Meethi and on sunday Jojo asked me to come with him and showed me some fishes in our club which I would never bother to see. And thats beauty kids are beyond limitations and their enthusiasm is new and they never get bored as we adults get. I mean they have something or other creative way to spend time and energy and we must learn same from them. And I can really says kids are really blessing from God.
On the flip side I live in a very unsafe place where people are doing horrible things against small kids. Rape against minor have taken every headlines of every newspaper I just want to pray for the protection of the innocence and love of this beautiful kids. I pray that no one will violate their trust and enthusiasm. That no one will take benefit of their innocence but rather learn to love and spread the fragrance of love as they do. That we men will think love without lust and we will respect every women as our mother, sister and daughters. I pray God that You my King will stop all this and let Your kingdom come.
Human longing for peace and justice can be satisfied in His kingdom alone.


  1. Wow! what an experience Sushant! You have expressed yourself so wonderfully! Praise God for you...meethi and jojo. Yes, I always find it refereshing when I play and interact with children. Truly, as our Lord said we cannot enter the kingdom of God if we do not become so trusting and open as children. God bless you my friend! Experience more things in the Lord and blog more!

  2. Thanks for your time and reading this blog, also for the encouragement. Surely I will keep walking with God

  3. That is well written and wonderfully expressed!
    Children bring so much laughter and innocence into our lives. They touch our lives as no one can. They explore the world with such awe that we have jojo showed you some fish in your club. We learn a lot from them and they make us truly happy.

    If only we didint break their trust! Thats a pity and a shame for humanity!

  4. Hey thanks Kislaya for taking time to reading


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