Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mummy my Super Hero

Today I want to tell you about my best companion on earth after God in this journey. One who brought me to this earth, one who took all the pain and difficulty, who gave up her life for my better upbringing. One who loves me endlessly and selflessly. I know you all must be thinking yes same is with our moms but my Mom is really special for me, as I said my Super hero, my love, one who is always standing beside me. Not only in the times of success and praise but some of the most vulnerable times of my life.
Mom, Rohan(my brother) and Me
My father passed away when I was two and half years old and it was a very short period my Mom stayed with Dad. And my Dad was not a very rich guy, nor was he middle class man I would say he use to live a hand to mouth life and use to work in a small factory. I have never dared ask too many questions about him, perhaps I never felt the vacuum for him because my mom loves me a lot. Also there are other reasons. But to give a background my mom also comes from a poor family and her dad passed away before she got married. And she have a background of various kind of diseases as she felt sick when she was small and which also affected her academia and she is not that qualified but she have passed Eighth class. And mind you she is very smart at least more than me hehe ;-) And she was a only a homemaker a very good cook, interested in stitching, sewing, knitting and all type craft work including painting and working on small electrical gadgets and stuff.But she always stayed at home and was a housewife, she fell ill when my dad passed away. And we moved my granny’s place after that started staying with them. And my mom was unfortunately forced to work for living. I was her only son by then.
She started going in hunt of job and she knew stitching so worked with some export companies and then my mom is daughter of a goldsmith so she have that blood running in her nerves and thats what her parents family business was. And she started working with MNC making jewelery for export purpose. She became a professional and had too she didn't have any other choice. And she lived all alone many times shifted rooms from time to time and place to place like a migrant we have to go from places to places because of work changing frequently and I always wondered why she have to change the jobs so frequently and later when I grew up she tells me stories of those days and I have no answers but I just wonder how she did this and how she bore all this all alone. She is gigantic figure taking the whole burden of pain on her. So what all she went through don't ask its a full list of blunders some times company was fraud, other times managers were fraud, sometimes there were people who blamed her, sometimes it was strangers who tried to take advantage of a widow thinking that her state of being helpless demands for that, sometimes it was not from strangers but from family members who doubted her motives and just mocked her everytime. I tell you when I look into her eyes I see the anguish and the pain she carried for year after years and not even letting me know all this.
She was unstoppable inspite of all this blunders everyday in her life I know she earned as low as Rs.1000 per month and most of the months also went jobless so you can imagine how horrible it was. I have seen her staying in a room where we use to lie down and our heads were touching to one wall and feet to another. But yet we had to live, this life was not easy for her. And yet he gave the best for me and he chose the most difficult but if you see for me the best solution, she send me to a boarding school, very far to a state which I never imagined and never thought when I was just about seven years. I was very small and I had a major problem adjusting in new land but we were compelled to do this as there was no option. Because the private schools demanded a huge fees and government schools were not worth it.
But she worked day and night sometimes overtime and without leaves she worked so that I can study well and perform well. So that I will get better education, food and knowledge in the boarding school, she chose something that was very difficult not only monetary wise but also as decision because my other relatives were strictly against this. There also my mom went through a lot of pain as she was criticized for her decision. As she got to hear from her own sister and brother that “you have sold your son to someone just to live freely”. Thats something when I got to know really broke my heart. But in this process even I was broken and many times I blamed her a lot and thought she loves me little and if you have read my selfmade man you know me how I became.
But honestly as its said the sweet tree bears sweet fruit, characters and your worldview is shaped by the environment you live and mostly by your parents so there are many good and as well bad things which I have learned from her. Till day I look up to her for most of the things.( I said most because you know I am a bit crazy, stubborn and Godly man too so some decisions I do take myself and with help of God) May it be decision of clothing, electronic, food, style, decisions,roads, places, bargaining, medical, ayurveda, plants, cooking, drawing, arts and monetary she is the best person to consult with(In short she is my encyclopedia). She is really my hero. Many of you must have thought in your childhood which superhero you will become may be spiderman, he-man, batman, superman or gi joe but I always, always wanted to become a simple person just like my mom is. You know what is the proudest moment of my life when someone says to me that “you are just like your mom”. I can't tell you what does it mean to me. I know all our shortcomings we have most of the things in common may it be fear of something, may it be confidence, may it be simplicity, may it be bearing something. Many things we do are similar and we are best friends, we like to spend time together and I really praise God for my mother for real love in my life through her.She is not only my friend but my love, my father, my sister, my teacher, my guide she is all in one. I have the greatest support, greatest gift in my life is my mother.We are such good friends that I share everything with her, she loves me so much and never condemns me therefore I can even share my failures without fear. She knows everything, even about my relationships which I had in past. I just can't hide things from her.I know and remember when I shared that I failed and I lost my cycle and also a dog bite it was moment where I was so depressed that I thought a mountain of problems came upon me but she came quietly and never shouted on me for that. She said “exam must be very tough I know you studied day and night yet you failed but don't worry do better next time”. And there are n number of things which I did in wrong way yet my mom supported me and loved me.
She is really adorable and lovely, strong, courageous, hardworking, honest, clever and smart, simple person whoever have met her will tell you the same.And I am not just bragging but she is really the most inspiring and loving person of my life. I love her lot and give thanks to the lord for her life. She believed in living God that was turning moment for both of us where we believed in Jesus and now both of our lives are changed by God. His touch have changed us, brought us closer to God and restored joy in our lives. Praise to God alone for his love and care and providence.
Definitely there is a lot to this story but as time I have written enough. I pray for well being of all Moms on this Mother’s day.


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