Thursday, May 9, 2013


Today I want to tell you about my struggles I mostly try to hide it but not today maybe some other day. Yes I am a Christian and I love God but does it mean I am sinless, no in fact I want to let you know before knowing Christ I even didn't know what is Sin. I was in darkness and I was blind how can I know I am wrong if I have no idea what wrong is. What if I always thought that darkness is light.
But now I know God and He gave me new life and gave me new eyes, I am not blind anymore I can see and understand right and wrong in reflection of His light, with help of His Word and I know what sin is. But knowing sin or understanding it doesnt solve the problem. We have to struggle everyday to sin less. As one my friend wrote in a blog that we can't be sinless but can we sin less. But what if I try and every time fall short and commit sin again and again. But what can we do, should we take God as granted or give up everything in God’s hand and look for His help. Knowing well that I cannot handle this in my own strength I give the full control to God. Ya its hard and difficult but only thing after failing and going through guilt trip I console myself by knowing well that God is sovereign and in full control therefore no matter how many times I fail He still loves me and is willing to forgive me.
I know you must be thinking what is this and why am I sharing this with you. One is I confessing my sins to God before everyone because I want to repent genuinely and let you all guys know that I am a sinner, a failure but still I rely on God’s mercy and grace and Jesus loves us. No matter what wrong we have done, He is willing to help us. He came to save us from sin. And we can sin less if we keep each other accountable and the best thing about Christianity I don't have to pretend. I accept my weakness and ask God to help when I am struggling with the battle of spirit and flesh.


  1. Yes very true when you have said that differentiating right from wrong is the first step from not commiting any wrong!

    Yes we cant be sinless but surely we can sin less.
    Accepting one's weakness is the first step towards correcting it!
    Very ture and straight from your heart!
    Thanx for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for reading and understanding my thoughts I am glad and encouraged by your comments... Thanks for reading Kislaya

  3. Indrani thanks for reading and glad to know you liked it


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