Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spiritual Adultery

        Often many times I have found myself forgetting that I am a spiritual being having a body and not body having a spirit. And therefore I manifest and live according to desires of my flesh. I try not bother think that my choices will not make temporary consequence but every choice holds an eternal consequence. Every action I take can be against or for God.
We human think of adultery as worst kind of sin in physical sense and try to avoid every single possibility towards it. But I dont think God looks that way, He must be concerned about His relationship with us. Look at our lives what is the source of our Love, Joy, Peace and all things if it is not God be assured we are committing spiritual adultery we have exchanged God with something else. I think that's the greatest danger of our lives exchanging God with temporary things, sometimes it can be His blessings, His creation, His gifts and sometimes just that our small vision for temporary gain can take away that first position of our life.
How do you know that you are away from God? Ha! I cant tell you this? This is the question where best answer is yours. We all who know this Living God through Jesus Christ we know the indwelling of Holy Spirit will guide us and tell us when we are moving out this relationship. We have tasted how God is. Can we not tell when we are rebelling against Him. It is the time when you dont praise Him without blessings. When your eyes are not set upon Him for each and every step. When you make your own plans rather depending upon and listening to Him. When your actions are not for His glory but for your own. When we keep sinning without repentance and seeking way out of it. When we continue doing so, when our source of joy is changed. When the whole focus is on satisfying the desires of flesh and not being bothered about spirit.
Sometimes the whole list becomes like dos and donts in our lives. But you know the most important thing we miss during this situation is that love relationship with Daddy God for which we are made. Life become bitter and love dies. Because remember Love is not momentary commitment its every day. God loves us everyday and want to have fellowship with us. And love like communication cannot be one way; we must respond to His love. And Jesus said if you love me you will obey me. We are children of light are we living in light ?


  1. Very indepth and so true. We need to focus our energies on Jesus and do all for him. Thanks for the truth and reminder. :)

  2. Thanks Mary for reading it and your time...


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