Sunday, October 11, 2015

Digital India and my views

Lately #DigitalIndia have brought a lot of discussion around me, especially after I ended up supporting it on Facebook. Well, I get very limited time on internet and so I rarely dig deep into the news and find out what it is all about, I must say its very dangerous and I should not do that.  Confessions; I must dig into what I am doing and what I am saying. Guess what? I still support Digital India.
I am a simple person. I don't talk much about politics, simply because I don't understand it, but it seems one need to be very careful to say anything, because nowadays everything can be considered against anyone and it can quickly escalate to become political. While doing my research about Digital India I stumbled on this great article which is wisely penned and I think it captures the heart of Digital India as well as of what our Prime Minister is doing. You can read it here. And my conclusion or what I have always thought have reflected well in the article.  To quote from the article it says : “Whats app is just technology. It’s neither good nor bad. It just depends on how we use it - to share farming tips or get blood boiling.   And to put it in my words, most of the technology or any invention is neither good nor bad, it just depends on how we use it. Its not the technology or any other thing that is bad but as some wise man put it in this words “The heart of the problem is the problem of heart.” Most of the things are neutral, its our greed, lust and selfishness which makes it bad. Anything good, no matter how good it is when it falls in the hand of a fallen man, its for sure that it will get tainted, no matter how hard we try, we have greasy hands, stained with sins, so whatever we touch will be bad and corrupted.
Well, coming back to why I support Digital India. I totally had different thoughts about digital India, whereas lot of people are thinking its Facebook trying to control the market on the other hands there are rumors that Mr. Modi want to have a database and he want to be a dictator, or to put in exact words “He want to be God”. Well your rumors or what your wise prophecy might be true, it doesn't really bother me. Because I consider internet as education, I consider that it have that power to liberate, help people to connect to the world. We always have been afraid of new things, new technologies, change have always brought debate, confusion and worry along with it. But it is good, when used rightly, it have always liberated us. Well to counter that I would say, don't we worry too much about our politics, and kings too much, just because he is saying or doing things to become “God”; will he? We should remember from the past, specifically from the Biblical history(also history in general) is that God is sovereign and He chose different people but to do His will, so it should not bother us really, because God is sovereign and He is in control. So end of the day, rest in peace, you are in good hands.

Then, there are people who accused me a lot saying, we should focus on the farmers first, we should solve the suicide issues first and then talk about Digital India. Well, there are issues, and they will always will, we can talk about our crime rate, we can talk about our small mindset, we can talk about religious instability, Khap panchayat, traditional taboos, and the list goes on, which is still holding us back from bringing anything new and changing. Education liberates, we should embrace that, and I am really thankful today I am able to think and relate, write so much about the topic only because I got education, I wonder if we would have debate few years back, Right to Education is not that important, let us first try to fix the farmers issue, lets try to bring them to a better position first and then talk about Education. Well my point is both are parallel issues, neither can take the position of another, I know that farmers remain in poor condition and its a high time that Government should form a better policy for it, but again coming back to first rule, not that there are no efforts taken for that, maybe its not adequate, but end of the day, I think issue lies with the human heart. Unless we are willing to deal with the issue with our hearts, we will be going in circles.
At last I must say, neither its digitalization, nor education or good governance can solve our issues, its a heart issue and we must look for a new heart.  


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