Monday, February 15, 2016

Saint by day, monster by night

How can I cheat God, it doesn’t feel right
Being a saint by day and monster by night
Killing my conscience byte after byte
It's all grey nor black, not white
Fantasies that take wild flight
Why do I keep losing this fight?
Am I trying to hide or  am I out of sight?
What happened to being salt and light?
Defeated by choice or by might?
I am no soldier and I am no knight
Jesus, it’s only You who can make me right
But I beg O! Lord please expedite
Its only in You, I want to delight.


  1. Shushant, I like your poem. It is an honest expression of human struggles. It reflects the spiritual warfare that rages within all of us shown in Romans 7:15-25. The words you used "byte after byte" are quite clever! In this age of technology I think the sin monster tempts with many choices, but there is hope...WE HAVE VICTORY IN CHRIST OUR LORD! Blessings to you & your family from J-ma

    1. Thanks for the encouragement J-ma, I am so glad to hear from you.


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