Thursday, April 23, 2015

Journey Update

I have not told you of my where about from a loooooooong time. Honestly I have not come back and revived my blog and I have left it orphaned from ages. But lets get back to business. I am not here to tell you folks, that I am back, perhaps I am just here to announce, work is still in progress.

So lets get back to journey, today I want to tell you about my journey update again. So honestly it’s the mode or the time where the traveler is in desert, he is feeling lost, he is not sure if he took the wrong turn. He is not finding any signboards, he is tired, thirsty, hungry and just trying his level best to come back on the highway. But nothing seems to be working, he is stuck in a desert for long time, idea of direction, and progress are meaningless, all you can see is vast ocean of sand and sand alone. Not a single human soul, but only few fellow travelers who are also wandering, they feel the same way I feel but yet it seems we are on very different journeys.

The traveler is longing for joy, love and peace. He is longing for someone who will understand and walk along with him, speak to him and encourage him to carry on even when it is tough to know where he is heading and what lies ahead. Not that he knows not where he is going but right now, he is weak that his brain is not functioning properly. The weather and the stand storms of the desert are life threatening, and the traveler is long struck in this desert and he forgot the count of the number of storms he have faced here.

Is there a hope for traveler, off course there is because some one said not all wanderers are lost. The traveler is not willing to give up, because he is sure of the help; he knows the way he have chosen is not wrong and surely he desires the destination more than his life. And surely help will come from above. It might take sometime, some wear and tear, some lessons to be learned, the traveler must discipline and learn new thing on this adventure ride. Definitely he learned few, but right now he is feeling so lost that those lessons are mere lessons and he is starting to feel what a wise man said long ago, vanity of vanity, everything is vanity under the sun. He is realizing that how everything is meaningless under the sun. He is crying out for help, he is crying out to his creator that he will open his eyes and show him the highway again, to help him not to give up the journey. To strengthen the weakened knees. To help him not to doubt himself, or his choice of the journey. The traveler knows he started journey because of his crazy love towards his Master. And he can die but not give up on traveling. But I must tell you even in the midst of the desert there are few thing very significant. The traveler never ran out of food or of clothes or of any basic need, far more than that whenever he cried for any such thing. He suffered no serious illness other than what normally one faces in a desert. He is healthy, wealthy and well taken care of. Only thing he wants to do is to find the way out again and come back and walk on the highway.
Because the Lord of traveler says to him: "He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength." (Isaiah 40:29) The traveler truly waits upon  his Lord to renew his strength.

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