Friday, October 4, 2013

Half a decade: Part four the stable era of working with Novatium

You read different stories part one, two, three and this final story under the title half a decade in gurgaon because this is the last company and the current place where I am working from last three years and longest era so far.
    First up all I must tell I don’t deserve to be here, its definitely God’s plan for me to bring here. Indeed if I have worked for so long here its because of many reasons and one of the most important one is that it was God’s plan to bring me here and sure He have a purpose behind it. So this job is definitely a gift from Daddy and I really thank Him for this job.
Mussorie trip with team Novatium
    I was doing great while working with Wipro in fact you know, I didn’t want to leave that job. I had a great team and great fun working with them. But then there were few things like job growth, and no one to appreciate the job and no fixed weekly offs and rotational shifts and monotonous job but yet great to learn. But then one fine day I get a call from a Chennai based consultancy’s phone asking me for my experience and job profile and if I am looking for job, till day I have no idea from where they found my number. Then I said yes to it, just to give interview. I was not really prepared, I took a very old Resume, read about the company bits and pieces and went to give interview next morning.
    From HR, to technical and till operation round same question was asked that why my resume looks so untidy and so many markings on it. I just told them the truth. This was one of the most enthusiastic interviews. I remember I was so confident and boost up on that day, rather being nervous I was encouraging a friend Tarun it was his first day as GET in that company and as people came and went away, I was thinking indeed a good job it is, will id get it?
Jacson and me
  I waited and waited and finally my turn came and I gave first round with HR, managed to pass it, then technical one was bit tougher as Manish now my team mate and immediate boss and then came my boss Prathish sir, who says he hired me just because of my confidence and nothing else and he thought me fitting in his team. One thing he asked me was will you leave in few months or so, are you flexible and many such questions. I just answered them patiently and got this job. This is the first organization where final round was to speak with CEO of company. So I did spoke to Alok sir and he just told that he will inform HR. And HR did call me up and I was selected.
    Now just shifting the car to back gear, I just want to take you back to the previous employer wipro. I don’t want to name the person and people who were working with me will know this. My boss was very fond of Paras and me and we were famous guys. And she never thought we would leave the company without informing her or giving proper resignation. But we did that and she was very angry with us. Because I left the company without any prior notice. On top of that look at my foolishness, I am updating my facebook status one day before joining Novatium and leaving previous company that “Next day I am joining a new company please pray for me” and all my colleagues are liking it and cheering up and with all kind of comments I see one of my boss commenting on it “Tomorrow????” it was so funny. On top of that just to add more spices to it, I wrote an adieu mail to all my teammates and telling them where I am joining and letting my boss know the company where I am joining. You might think whats wrong in that. What wrong was my manager next day asked my teammates where he have joined, call that HR and tell them not to hire him, and black list me and stuff like that.
Right to left:Jacson,Manish and me
    But in spite of all this I joined this new company, coolest thing about here fixed Saturday and Sunday off and you know what a boy coming from a rotational shift, and no fixed off and six days working for him this things matter a lot. I really cherish this offs and want to use them wisely .Here it was completely a different set, this a small place compare to where I have worked before. But it has a lot off benefits because of it. There is a lot of flexibility in policies and work environment. And you get a chance to learn a lot and take responsibilities of various different things. Also you become multi-tasking because here they want to make most of you. Initially it was difficult to work with someone who took your interview someone senior to you working in same team as yours. But then I had new buddy who joined in, so I tagged myself with him and learned the ways just to go through motions. Initial phase with this organization was a difficult one, because it was transit time in my life where I was a very young Christian and going through those tough times where you are growing and falling, failing and learning from it.
    Many a times I felt like burdened and thought I will not be able to stay here longer and this profile is not for me. I am a team worker and like to work with more dynamic climate but this place was small for me to fly. But then as time passed, I became matured as a Christian. And also my relationships with my teammates and my boss improved drastically and more than colleagues they became part of my life and then I started enjoying my work, celebrating with them. And a lot of stories revolved and I see a lot of stability here and enjoyed working on every project.
    It is my first company which sent me somewhere outstation to work on a project and it was really nice initiative and how I handled it and how once I missed opportunity to visit Chennai. But then all things worked together for me and I remained here and working from almost three years with lot of ups and downs of company.

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