Thursday, October 3, 2013

Being thankful

Hi, all I have missed writing posts and have hardly noticed my blog from long time but that is just because I am busy at work and other stuffs but I will still try to come back and keep writing on and off. Of course writing is not my fulltime job but its something I am burdened to do.
    Today I am simply to going to share why I am thankful as I do on my thankful thursday posts.

# I am thankful to know that I am not alone, God is always with me.
# I am thankful to know that He is always listening to me and answering my smallest prayers
# I am thankful He is right beside me when I feel to give up
# I am thankful for the unconditional love that He demonstrates, inspite of my regular failures He never gives up on me
# I am thankful for the work I am doing, indeed its God’s blessing
# I am thankful that I was privileged to attend CPE seminar by Pastor Alok Benjamin and you can check more about his Ministry here
# I am thankful for I can worship God, talk about Him freely
# I am thankful for the forgiveness that I need everyday to cleanse myself and move on
# I am thankful for the Word of God which helps us to have daily spiritual nourishment
# I am thankful for my office is shifted to new place and I am working on 20th floor for the first time, it was something I dreamt of (though I think, why I dreamt such a dream)
# I am thankful for all the provision in my life from food, clothing and shelter and all other basic need
# I am thankful for the changes I see in my life
# I am thankful for the process and pain I am going through in this change
# I am thankful for my blog and for blog readers as they encourage me a lot by reading and commenting here
# I am thankful for the internet, books, music, stationery like pencil and pen that I can write
# I am thankful for the busyness and yet in that I can take time to thank God

    But most of all I am thankful for the hope I have in Jesus’ second coming, because I am weary and falling apart and I just want to go home. But yet not my, let Your will be done.

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